Blue Export Group LLC provides services and source materials for those aiming to expand their Smart Fabric products to overseas buyers. We work hand-in-hand with key decision makers from early ideation to shipment, helping to advance awareness of eTextile regulations and strategies to improve US export sales of Smart Fabric products. 

Join the Blue Export Group Portfolio

Do you need affordable help to strategically plan and sell your Smart Fabric products outside the US? Need training on the basics of Smart Fabrics or an overview of upcoming export issues? Looking for short-term assembly or manufacturing assistance unique to Smart Fabrics to grow a home-based or small fabrication workshop? Are you selling online and now need assistance reaching and expanding your brand to buyers abroad in time for seasonal sales cycles? Are your competitors gaining an advantage using Smart Fabrics?

Join the Blue Export Group to begin your journey into growth and success.  We engage a vast network to help achieve these types of goals.